Terms and conditions of use


1.1. About this Agreement This agreement (the "Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions of use of the website moduleshop.net (hereafter referred to as either "ModuleShop" and "Web Site") owned by OBSOLUTIONS WD S.L., established at C/Tirso de Molina, 36, 08940 Cornellà de Llobregat, with ID ES B66742974.

The "ModuleShop Service" means any service provided by the Website, including participation in any of the forums, chat rooms, promotions or any other service offered to visitors. To use the Website or the Service ModuleShop anyway, the Visitor must enforce this Agreement as published at the time.

For the purposes of this Agreement means any person accessing visitor to the Website.


2.1. Intermediation: Visitors who register on the Website (the "Users") may purchase individual modules for ecommerce solutions available to date, and PrestaShop, Magento, Zencart, Virtuemart.


3.1. Requirements: To become a Member, the Visitor must accept this agreement, over 18 years and have legal capacity to act.

3.2. Register: To purchase modules using ModuleShop service is obligatory that the visitor is registered as a member, providing the information requested for that purpose.

3.3. Registration Details: When the visitor is registered will be given a username and password, which may unilaterally change at any time. The User must keep your username and password safe and not divulge them to anyone, responsible for all activities that occur using your user name and password. User status is personal and not transferable, so that the user agrees not to permit any other person accessing the Service ModuleShop using your username and password.


4.1. Choosing a module: Members can access the offers advertised by ModuleShop on the Website using your user account. For the purchase of a particular module the Member shall "clikink" to "buy", at which time there will be acceptance of the offer upon confirmation of your membership and data of your credit card.

4.2. Price: The Website is published by ModuleShop data provided on the price of a module and applicable taxes. Also, prior to the acceptance of the offer by the purchaser, ModuleShop, provide the buyer to make the total price for the purchase of the module, detailing the amount payable to the buyer and the taxes to which the transaction is subject .

4.3. Perfection of purchase: With the acceptance by the purchaser of the tender will be perfected the sale, at which time ModuleShop is authorized to charge your credit card or debit the purchaser, the total price of the module in accordance with detailed in Section 4.2. above.

4.4. Warranty: credit or debit card valid that the User must provide to register as a Member shall constitute a guarantee of accuracy or completeness of compliance with the obligations under the purchase agreement signed with the seller and of the conditions of this Agreement.

4.5. Delivery of the modules: the user may receive the purchased module unloading the module from the email that will be provided after the purchase. The user can also download the module from the 'Order History' by 'Your Account'.

4.6. Support: Once the module has been sent, OBSolutions & ModuleShop undertake to support the customer at no extra cost within 3 months after purchase. In order to extend the term of support it is necessary to purchase the module with option for future updates. If the support period has expired, please contact us options to extend support to future updates via our contact form.

4.7. Refund: Once the order has been issued, shall be considered final sale, OBSolutions & ModuleShop reserve the right to refund.

Software (including but not limited to all html, php, tpl, graphic/image, and text files) cannot be returned for a refund. Should you experience a problem with any purchased software, ModuleShop offers support services to assist with the first installation / configuration of the default software on the customer's website (excluding any custom work or modifications or any alterations whatsoever to the default software). If the support service cannot get the software to work as described in it's description, and all the requirements for the modules are met, a refund for the original amount will be issued. Please note that support cannot be provided once a dispute or chargeback is initiated through your bank or through Paypal relating to your ModuleShop purchase; for this reason you are encouraged to contact Customer Service for support prior to opening a dispute. Any request for modification of the behavior of the original software will be budgeted separately.


6.1. Property and Licensing OBSolutions ModuleShop and represent and warrant that they are the owners of the modules offered for sale on the website and have all rights, authorizations and licenses necessary to put them on sale and sell to the buyer on the Website .

6.2. Other Information: ModuleShop represent and warrant that any content or information you provide when using the Service ModuleShop (including forums, chat, etc..) Or any interaction with any other Member: a) are not fraudulent, b) are true, accurate and not defamatory, abusive, threatening, misleading or obscene, c) do not involve the sale or production of counterfeit or stolen; d) do not infringe the rights of any third party (including copyrights, patents, trademarks, image, honor, privacy, personal or otherwise), does not invade the privacy or harm in any other way to any third party; e) does not violate any law, regulation or code of your country or of any Member ( including those related to consumer protection and false advertising) or violates any policy or guideline that is applicable ModuleShop f) contains no virus or other program that interferes or attempts to interfere with any system or computer data;? g) does not contain political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings or any form any 'spam', h) generally do not violate any applicable regulations at all times.

6.3. Compliance with Law: The User represents and warrants that, for any interaction with the service ModuleShop or any Member shall comply with all relevant local, regional, national and international laws governing the use of the service and trading ModuleShop modules. You also represent and warrant that you are over 18, a resident in Spain and has capacity to enter into binding contracts.

6.4. DISCLAIMER: You agree to indemnify ModuleShop of responsibility for any loss, liability or claim arising out of any breach of the representations and warranties contained in this section.


7.1. Any member can contribute freely to the forums, social networking, chat and other tools comprising the services provided by ModuleShop.

7.2. ModuleShop reserves the right to remove or edit content on the Web Site provided by Users or Visitantesa its sole discretion.

7.3. The User grants to ModuleShop the right to use the name (or other personal information) the user or visitor who advertises on the Website content.


8.1. The content and software on this Website are the property of ModuleShop (and / or its licensors) and are protected by intellectual property laws and industry. The visitor can visit the website and make copies of pages from the same only for private, personal, commercial or non-collective. Without express written permission ModuleShop, the Visitor may not reproduce, edit, publish, transmit, sell or otherwise dispose of this site and / or any of its contents.

8.2. The Visitor may not include a link to this Web Site without prior written permission of ModuleShop.

8.3. The name and logo by OBSolutions ModuleShop are trademarks OBSolutions use is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of OBSolutions.

8.4. The Visitor may not use the module purchased more than 1 domain without express written permission ModuleShop or OBSolutions.


Use of ModuleShop website and its service is subject to our Privacy Policy.


10.1. OBSolutions may at any time and without notice, amend this Agreement by posting such changes on the portal so they can be known by Users and Visitors always before the acquisition of any goods offered on the Website .

OBSolutions not guarantee the availability, access and continuity of the Portal and its Services.

OBSolutions not be liable, with the limits in current law, the damages caused to users and / or visitors as a result of the unavailability, failure of access and lack of continuity of the Website and the services provided by OBSolutions to therethrough.

10.2 OBSolutions not responsible for the information, services and / or products offered and / or provided by third parties through the Website or the content provided by others.

10.3. OBSolutions not responsible for any loss or damage to software or hardware of the user and / or Visitor arising out of access to the Website or use of information or applications contained therein.

10.4. OBSolutions not guarantee the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness or accuracy of the information or products and / or services contained on the Website shall not be liable for any direct or indirect connection with the use of the contents of the Website.

10.5. OBSolutions not be liable for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement if such delay or failure stems from a cause beyond its reasonable control (acts of God, force majeure or defaults of third parties, among others).


OBSolutions ensures security and confidentiality of payment by credit or debit card and its data through an SSL secure server, which is activated when entering your personal data. This server ensures that your data is encrypted to the server and so avoids reading and manipulation by third parties.


The renunciation of the exercise of any right under this Agreement shall be effected by the waiving party in writing. The waiver of a right does not constitute a final waiver of such right or extend the waiver of any other right under this Agreement.


All notifications made by Members and / or visitors under this Agreement shall be sent by certified mail to OBSolutions, established in Lluis Companys, 1, 08759 Barcelona. Any notice sent by email will be valid only if OBSolutions confirms in writing.

14. - Nullity or cancellation.

If any provision of this agreement be void, voidable, illegal or unlawful, in that case, and in the interpretive sense fullest extent permitted by law (a) the declaration shall not invalidate the remainder of the Agreement, which shall remain in effect and effectiveness and (b) the clause or clauses void or voidable must be replaced or adjusted preferably to be canceled.


This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with Spanish legislation in matters not expressly provided. OBSolutions, User and / or Member agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of goods or services under this Agreement to the Courts and Tribunals of the User and / or Guest.

In the event that the User and / or Visitor's address is outside of Spain, the provider and the user and / or Visitor, expressly waive any other forum, put under the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona (Spain).

Last updated: July 20th, 2016