Installations of modules

Peace of mind for you!

If you want one of our trained technicians are responsible for installing a module in your store, select the installation option and one of our technicians will contact you within 24 hours following the purchase of the module.


Module updates

Always updated!

If you want your module be always updated to the latest versions select eligible for updates. You can choose either 1 year or 2 years update support.

What are the updates?

Currently Prestashop, or any other E-Commerce platform is continually evolving bringing out new versions constantly. Therefore, it is necessary to be updated modules to support the new versions.

On the other hand, we always listen to our customers, which helps us to improve and implement new features that improve and greatly expand the power of the modules. If we believe that a contribution can be included in a module we add it and we offer it to our customers with support updates available.


How to select installation / update support for a module?

As shown is this picture, it is very easy to select the option to install and / or update support through the module tab to purchase.

Opciones de instalaciónes y actualizaciones de módulos prestashop