Stocks and prices updater via CSV / URL / FTP + stock alerts Prestashop Module

Allows you to upgrade the stock and prices of your products massively and automatically by importing a CSV file, an URL, a remote FTP or a file on the server. It also activates alerts for stocks below minimum by product or combination.

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This Basic version allows only update prices and quantities of products or combinations and setup 1 single supplier's CSV file. If you need to update more fields of your products or set up more than one CSV file we recommend that you have a look the Professional version here: Massive Updater Pro.

With this module you'll save a lot of time updating the stocks or prices of your products and combinations, because it will allow you to make it as a massive update by importing a CSV file.
It will also let you setup an scheduled taks (cronjobs) to update data automatically taking as data source an URL, a file on a remote FTP or a file on the own shop's server.
This module also allows you to import a list of alerts stock for each product, so you can be informed at all times of products that are below the minimum stock set.
You can also export all the information in stock of your products to a CSV file and export the information of only those products that are below the minimum set.
With the URLs provided by the module can configure cronjobs that allow you to be aware at all times both real stock your store and only stock a minimum current.

Import options:

  • Allows to manually configure the field mapping so no need to modify or adapt your import file. The module adapts to the file, and not the reverse.
  • Allows to manually update prices and stocks through a CSV file in one step.
  • Allows to automatically update prices and stocks through an URL, FTP or file stored on your shop's server through the URL provided by the module for configuring a cronjob (scheduled task).
  • Allows to set stock alerts for each product or combination.
  • Allows to check import report logs

Fields that can be updated by the module:

  • Stock
  • Wholesale Price
  • Sale Price (RRP)
  • Includes 2 options to update the sale price of the products:
    • Through a column in a file / data URL
    • Calculated by the Wholesale price + a Margin
  • Includes 2 options to update stock of the products:
    • Increment current stock value
    • Replace current stock value
  • Allows to identify which products to update by ID (in Prestashop) / REFERENCE / EAN13
  • Allows to identify which combinations to update by REFERENCE / EAN13
  • Allows to select which fields may be updated so you can disable those fields that do no want to update.

Export options (alerts):

  • Export to CSV all current stock of your shop.
  • Export to CSV all your stock that is below its set minimum.
  • Include 2 URLs so you can configure 2 cronjobs: first one to send you an email with all the real stock every time that's executed and the second one will send an email only for the stock that is below its set minimum.


  • This module is compatible with product combinations.
  • This module is compatible with product packs.
  • This module is compatible with multistore.


  • This module is not compatible with the advanced stock management.


Installation and configuration:

The module includes a comprehensive manual configuration and utilization of the module and CSV import file sample.Support included to any incident.

- Fixed minor issues in Prestashop 1.7 loading the tpl files

- Prestashop 1.7 compatibility checked

- Added support to update products and combinations with same Reference value

- Solved problems with prices format (.XX)

- Solved: Compatibility problems with Prestashop or less

- Fixed problems with product->update() function (price and wholesale_price, forced to modify only these fields).
- Fixed bug searching products by ID PRODUCT option
- Fixed jQuery issue on setMedia() - Module Admin Controller

- Added curl to obtain URL data feed as an alternative method

- Solved an issue importing files with lines larger than 1Kb
- Solved an issue importing files with different EOL

- Solved issue exporting all stock data info into CSV file
- Documentation updated

- New import options CSV, URL, FTP, Local server file
- New column mapping for import datasheet
- New cronjobs for automatic data updates
- Test mode available
- New options for Retail prices
- New options for Stock (increment or replace)
- New options to identify products: id, reference, ean13
- New options to identify combinations: reference, ean13
- New report logs  

- Updated log system
- Issue recognizing the line endings in Macintosh generated files solved

- Problems with admin redirection solved

- Problems exporting all products stock (products without combinations) solved

- Problems with time_limit and memory_limit solved

- Change CSV file generator to fix prestashop validator issues

- Added update prices via CSV import file
- Added PDF manuals

- Added product/combination name in CSV export files

- Added cronjob for all available combinations stock

- First version

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