AlerEti Correos Express Export PrestaShop Module

Module to create a TXT file with orders list supported by AlerEti of Correos Express software.

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Module for PrestaShop lets you create a TXT file with orders data compatible with Correos Express AlerEti software.
ChronoExpres AlerEti software is a tool that lets you manage the labeling on their packages in a simple, convenient and automated.
With this module you can quickly generate the import file AlerEti you place orders on your shop


  • Allows you to configure more than one carrier Correos Express
  • Compatible with Cash on Delivery Payment method
  • Allows orders id range selection

Important: Please note that to use this module must already have AlerEti Correos Express tool. You can contact the following numbers Correos Express Phone: 91 660 24 44 - 93 636 93 36.

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