Quick order - Bulk loading of products to cart

Allow your customers to add products to the cart in bulk through a single form or through a CSV file.

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This Prestashop module allows to your customers to add products to the cart in bulk through a single form or through a CSV file.It allows to load several products to the cart searching by Reference, EAN13 or UPC as well as save carts to speed up future purchases.

It facilitates the loading of many products to the cart allowing the customer to insert all the products in a single form.It also allows the customer to save product listings to facilitate future purchases of the same cart.


  • Allows to show a button next to the cart to access the 'Quick order'
  • Allows you to edit the design of the 'Quick Order' button (Text color, background color, lightning color)
  • Allows to import CSV file to load the products of the cart (Column1: Reference / EAN13 / UPC, Column2: Quantity)
  • Allows to enable/disable search by Reference / EAN13 / UPC independently
  • Allows the customer to save the completed product list to facilitate future repeated purchases of the same cart
  • Allows to edit the number of rows by default to show in the product loading form
  • Add a new section within the customer's account to access the quick order form

The module is accompanied by a complete instruction manual.

- Allow products with quantity 0, but skip them to be added into the cart

- Added product combinations compatibility with save cart feature

- Fixed a bug that prevented adding products without stock being added to the cart when "out of stock" was enabled

- Added product combinations compatibility
- Fixed PS1.6 compatibility

- First version

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